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Address: Higgins-Houghton Chiropractic Clinic

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Serving the Greater Roscommon, MI area, Grayling, Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake, Mio, St. Helen.

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See what our patients have to say!

"I got my first treatment and walked out of there a new woman. I am on NO pain pills, not even an aspirin. I guess I have learned what a Chiropractor can do! I thank my Lord every day for Dr. Ritchie's knowledge and skilled hands, to help me the way he has. And a special thanks to Dr. Ritchie."

-Donna Goschke, Houghton Lake, Michigan Chiropractic Testimonial, March 2008


Fred M. was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 30 years ago . When he came to our office he was walking with a walker and was told within 6 months he would be in a wheelchair for good. With God's help , adjustments, bee sting therapy and Standard Process nutrition Fred has walked without a cane for 25 years! He says "I have felt MS free for a long time"