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Customized, Quality Chiropractic Treatment

At Higgins-Houghton Chiropractic Clinic in Higgins Lake, MI we pride ourselves on offering you the highest-quality and most comprehensive chiropractic treatment available.

In addition to offering you the very best chiropractic services we also provide a variety of different natural health solutions.

Dr. Ritchie, Chiropractor

Over 85 years of combined experience

Learn more today about the pain-relief

benefits that our chiropractic care provides.

Call Now: 989-821-6990

Electro acupressure

Nutritional counseling

Registered X-ray technician on location

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Over 34 years experience serving families in the Roscommon, MI area. He's a proud community member.

Variety of techniques

You're unique and your treatment plan at Higgins-Houghton Chiropractic Clinic will be unique.

Serving the community

An active member of the Lions Club, the Roscommon Baptist Church, and the Michigan Association of Chiropractors.

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