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Pain Relief

Dr. Michael Ritchie, Chiropractor uses a variety of unique techniques to achieve pain relief for his patients. You don't have to suffer from chronic neck, back, or spinal pain when you turn to Dr. Michael Ritchie, Chiropractor at Higgins-Houghton Chiropractic Clinic in Roscommon, MI.

Wide variety of techniques

More than just pain relief

  • Gonstead diversified technique

  • Activator technique

  • Sacro occipital technique

  • Thompson technique

  • Peripheral nerve technique

  • Cox distraction technique

  • Contact reflex analysis technique

Though our various techniques are used primarily to relieve pain and keep you free from ongoing discomfort we also utilize our techniques for relief of nutritional, biomechanical, and visceral deficiencies.


Our wide variety of techniques and acupuncture style relief techniques can ensure that you feel immediate and lasting relief of your pain.

Call Now: 989-821-6990

Techniques for Pain Relief

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